Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Really?...... see bottom of image.

  • Cindy has a house in Limon where she rents out and collects rent, she collects social security for Endy AND she collects additional funds for being a widow and having a minor child. (Many people think that you have to be married 10 years or more to collect spousal benefits. This is not true and the facts will be posted.) 
  • Cindy has a brand new house in Santa Cruz - completed and fully furnished by Richard - with no debts. 
  • Cindy has received money from Richard's personal items that she has been selling off and collecting funds for.
  • Cindy is still active as a prostitute and is collecting funds for her services, which is legal in Costa Rica. 
  • Cindy and her family is staying in Richard's property which is now owned by Richard's cousin rent free and utility free since August. 
  • Cindy has all new clothes and hairstyles, a $400 cell phone, a $1,000 ipad tablet and is seen all over Costa Rica celebrating festivals and parties. Yet, she claims she has no money. 
  • During the duration of her relationship, she never invested any funds into any of Richard's investments. Richard borrowed funds from his children in Florida and even made a promissory note ($30,000) as well as documentation in excess of to show that his children in Florida were active in Richard's financial affairs. 
  • Since Richard's death, not only did Cindy not be there at his side, she has not contributed one penny towards his medical or funeral services. She did not go to the hospital to be by his side during his final moments, she did not attempt to go to his funeral services in the United States and she did not hold a memorial service in Costa Rica for friends and family there. 
  • Richard's daughter wanted to place some ashes in Costa Rica and have a memorial for her younger brother to be able to go to and visit. When Cindy was asked is she had a place to put the ashes she said that she would just put the ashes in the ocean. 
  • Cindy has filed that she and her son, Endy are the SOLE beneficiaries of all of Richard's assets; that Richard's other children should be exempt. 
  • Richard's children have filed a petition with the courts for visitation rights to continue to see Endy. Endy is going on 6 years old and STILL not enrolled in school. 
  • much, much more....  

Bottom line, while Richard's family and friends always treated Cindy Winter Ortega and her family with respect and always gave gifts upon meeting and included them in events and celebrations, she only put on a show - a show that she was there for love and not the money. However, true colors can never be concealed for too long and she has shown her's.

Looks like a beautiful new home...

And doing ok to me... She doesn't seem to be missing any of the festivities and look... her son has beer money even.

posted just a month after Richard passed away... 

While she is out prostituting, Cindy allows her older son to party up and drink away.
Here is her son since Richard passed away. No supervision: 


Here is Mother at the Bar with her children setting a good example. 

Here is her son PRIOR to Richard's death. Richard was the real parental figure in Cindy's son's life.