Friday, February 21, 2014

Cindy, must think everyone around her is ignorant, especially the Gringos. What is the date on there? Oh, that's right. This is the trip where Richard came to Ohio and she threatened to not allow him to bring Endy because she thought he would never come back. HAHA. Richard was upset that he might not had been allowed to bring Endy to see his 86 year old Mother. However, Cindy allowed Richard to take Endy at the last minute which is why Richard and family had to buy Endy all new clothes. Richard knew Cindy and he never applied for her to come to the United States when they married. He spoke about this to his friends and family in Florida and Ohio. 

The article on the right is correct: she is already collecting US American's hard money. American's who actually WORK for a living to pay for people like her who sit around all day. She gets full benefits and is NOT even a US Citizen. It is a crying shame. 

* I love how she tags her son in the photo. Nothing like keeping your children out of harms way - lets drag them into her created drama. Haven't her children suffered enough from her bad choices? Recovering drug addict, prostitute, multiple failed marriages, children from different men, becoming involved in a man 3x her age who passed away. This woman cares only of herself. What a hypocrite! 

One thing is for sure: she cares on how she wants to manipulate and make you think she is. Since being confronted on here ONLY has she enrolled her child in school preschool. Has her 18 year old taken off his alcohol and partying photos. Has she started deleting her " body for sale" photos. Has she started posting photos about Asia Tica. She is 5 steps too late. Actions only speak louder when they are done before, not after. And the actions need to be made out of good intentions. SHe only knows the ways of the streets. Just proves: you can take them out of the ghetto but you can't take the ghetto out of them. She will always be low class!

Updated.... You mean deleted half your body selling photos! 19 hours ago

Honey, you won't find any "class" in men when you wear clothes like that. DONT YOU GET IT? Richard was the best man in your life and all you did was use him. Your self esteem is so low you sell your body for money. 

You are 37 years old. When will you get it? 

We all have heard of the government using propaganda to manipulate people. Cindy and the government have a lot in common: they just take and take and keep taking, they manipulate you into thinking that they want by releasing only what they want you to know (which always benefits them), and they don't care how they get their money. It is all ran by greed. 

Cindy created a facebook page for her 5 year old son who (because she never taught him or sent him to school) can't read or write obviously. Ok, so she must be using it to let others know how HE is doing right? Riiiiiight, maybe if she like most mothers. Instead, Cindy is using the page to promote HERSELF. Sure she posts pictures here and there about Endy, but every comment and tag is about... you guessed it: Cindy. 

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