Sunday, February 2, 2014


The probate process, designated in Costa Rican civil code, states that no items of the deceased shall be sold/removed/given away without a judgment from the court.

The pertinent regulations are Civil Code, Title XI, General rules on Inheritance: sections 520 to 570; Title XII, Inheritance proceedings in the absence of a will: sections 571 to 576; Title XIII, The Will: sections 577 to 62. Law N° 3284, Commercial Code; Trust: sections 633 to 662. Law N° 5476, Family Code, Title I, Marriage; Wealth of the Family: sections 37 to 47. Title V, Guardianship: sections 175 to 229.

In Cindy Winter Ortega's case, she is acting against Richard's last will and testament. Richard had left photos and written documents as to his contents. Cindy is acting against the law and will be brought up on theft and selling of stolen goods in the court of law in Costa Rica. Anyone purchasing items will be an accomplice and will be involved in the charges that follow as well. Cindy is under surveillance and her actions will be recorded and used against her in the court of law. Pictures and videos coming soon.

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