Saturday, February 1, 2014

272 page views today. Ok, so we are getting the word out. Great. There also was a post from Cindy saying that this information is false because the numbers are all over. I guess she can't count either... always an excuse when you know nothing but how to lie. The funds are broken up into: $30,000 Promissory note signed by Richard Schmitt to his son in Florida. $10,000 loaned to Richard Schmitt from his daughter in Florida and documented. Then another $10,000 paid by his daughter in Florida after Richard's death. Such as back taxes, property repairs, utilities, and fees and also documented with receipts. (This does not included medical and burial fees.)

It is amazing how deep Cindy Winter Ortega's greed is. While her and her family never placed a penny into investment, her and her attorney estimate Richard's worth at $3 million dollars and thinks that the vehicle (which is the only asset Richard left in the United States) that is over 10 years old is the children's inheritance in Florida. While Cindy and her son laugh about it.

Yet again, not a penny for Richard's medical bills, his funeral, or the funds that it took to bring the properties up to date. In addition, she is running the Coco building into the ground out of spite. She came from nothing and yet wants it ALL.

A prostitute that cheats and lies claims that God will see her through this. Laugh Out Loud. She should be on the front page of Tico Times.

And when someone says... oh, I made sure I added you in the probate proceedings. I think you might want to mention that IT WAS TO SAY... YOU HAVE NO CONNECTION WITH YOUR FATHER AND YOU SHOULD GET NOTHING!

And when she was confronted about it? Oh.... she is sure to "like it". Of course, she was the one who filed it with the courts and thinks yeah.... that's right. I don't care that your father's wishes was to divide assets between children, and that he had a last will and testament. 

I have heard that Love is Blind. Perhaps so is Greed. 

Yes, in fact... she goes on to say, worry about what my lawyer has written. She is proud of how it was written up. And its not that he had 3 families that is the principal here. They don't care how the little eats and asks about his father who is above. 

Again, back to saying how poor it is to have $1800 of social security collected each month and not a bill to pay since she is living in Richard's cousin's apartment rent free, no house payment, no car payment... a lot of US citizens don't live this well and they have honest jobs. She sits at home all day. 


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